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Linking Sustainable Projects and Solutions

green road to green worldGreenway Environmental Technologies  was formed to promote environmental and social sustainability by creating partnerships between qualified projects, competent funding sources and solutions providers.

Through our global network of contacts and partners, both governmental and corporate, we are implementing projects and advancing technologies which promote greater well being for the citizens of our planet with a focus on those that are most vulnerable and often most neglected.

Greenway has carefully researched and identified companies which have technology and solutions providing significant benefits to society and the environment and we are currently engaged in piecing together strategic partnerships that will bring the goals into reality.

Greenway’s primary role is to bridge the solutions with the projects, engaging the competent professionals, EPC contractors, financing and other components to achieve the successful implementation of projects to the benefit of the population and environment served.

While we are open to engaging projects in any area of the world, the primary areas we currently serve are:

  • Africa
  • Brazil
  • Latin America
  • South Asia