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Greenway/GASIL Pyrolysis WTE System

Greenway, together with our partner GASIL is proud to announce the launch of our unique WTE system using advanced flash pyrolysis for the convGreenway Pyrolyisisersion of biomass and municipal waste into bio-diesel and power.

Key system features:

  • Modular 2 ton/hr. units.
    (Can be placed in parallel for increased capacity)
  • Average of 2.5 MW of power (or)
  • Average of 300 Liters/hr. of Bio-Diesel
  • Units are self powered through syngas.
  • Adaptable to various waste streams
    • Agricultural/Organic Waste
    • Municipal Waste
    • Hospital/Contaminated Waste20160615_104819
    • Sanitary Waste
  • Virtually no waste bi-product
  • No smoke or toxic emissions produced

Advantages Over Gasification Plants

  • Doesn’t require grid connection
  • Doesn’t require electric genset
  • Small Footprint
  • Lower Cost per Ton
  • Greater Flexibility to choose between Electric
    or Fuel production based on market demand

Advantages Over Other Pyrolysis Systemsbezerros-gasifier-4

  • Standardized size – no need to re-engineer for each project.
  • Eliminates problems with coking / tar buildup
    meaning less maintenance and down time
  • Continual feed – not batch processing
  • Transportable – designed to allow transportation
  • Significantly lower capital cost than similar systems.